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12 Things to know before dating an Asian girl

A lot of people think that Asian women are the most beautiful in the world, hence, it is not weird that a lot of men want to date an Asian girl. But, as you know, Asian culture is extremely different for Western, so, a lot of individuals might not know how to communicate or cross language barriers or act when on a date with an Asian woman. In Asia there are more then 40 countries each having their own culture and diversity and their limitations. Asian girls are way too unpredictable when it comes to relationships but there are some factors or things that are same while dating most of them.


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But what they don’t seem to understand is that underlying the seemingly innocent question is also a history of xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment that includes exclusionary immigration policies and hate crimes. Whiteness perceived is as “normal,” so because of our appearance, many people think we have to be from some distant, faraway land. “Where are you really from?” continues to reproduce the image of Asians as perpetual foreigners who don’t belong. When someone tries to guess or figure out our Asian ethnicity or where we’re from, it implies that Asians are only from one place — somewhere overseas — despite whatever connection someone might feel towards that place. Not only is this guessing game not cute, but it’s also reminding someone that their identities and experiences are unforeseen and abnormal. It’s an explicitly racialized thing that happens to people of color that “look” foreign. Besides, there are ways to find points of connection with Asians without needing to pinpoint to racial and ethnic difference. After learning where someone grew up, there are so many other directions to go! You can find out where else they’ve lived; if and where they’ve travelled; what’s their favorite (or least favorite) thing about their hometown, etc. It’s a good jumping-off point to begin learning about someone’s lived experiences.


I get it. You want to impress someone with your language skills, but not all people who “look” East Asian speak Chinese or who “look” South Asian speak Hindi. There are over a thousand languages spoken in Asia, so don’t presume what someone may or may not speak. Also, please don’t ask the other person to say something in “their” language…it’s so awkward when people ask me to say a word in Chinese as if I’m an exotic parrot.

There’s a false expectation that all Asians are “exotic others” because there are still so few portrayals of Asians in mainstream media and culture that there’s an erasure of Asian lived experiences and identities. For example, many stereotypical representations depict Asian Americans as non-English speaking immigrants, which leaves no room for Asian Americans who don’t speak an Asian language fluently or who do speak English in a “North American” accent. The global spread of English due to a variety of factors, namely colonialism and global capitalism, has also affected language capacities worldwide. Consider this:  do you know or know of someone who’s gone somewhere in Asia to teach English? English is forcing its way to be a “normalized” language around the world. In the early stages of dating an Asian girl, you will encounter some obstacles. Asian women can be a lot to handle for a foreigner coming from an entirely different culture.


Asian girls often prefer someone that is straight-forward and bold. For that You Should Be Loyal and Honest about your Intentions.  Honesty is, in fact, primarily a moral choice for the Asian girls, expect people to be honest in their dealings. Honesty incorporates the concepts of truthfulness and reliability and it resides in all human thought, words, actions, and relationships. It is more than just accuracy; it is more than just truthfulness; it denotes integrity or moral soundness. If he is truthful and honest in his speech, faithful to his promise, trustworthy in carrying out that which he has been entrusted with. He does not deceive or defraud; he does not tell lies and is not guilty of hypocrisy. So truthfulness and honesty are some of the chief good qualities.

Over possessiveness

While dating an Asian girl or any girl for that fact you should know that the girl, you can’t talk to another girl in IN front of your girl because she’s way too over possessive about you. So, you can say goodbye to all those female friends you have or else it’ll make your girl go psycho. Pay full attention to her. Asian women are very bold and always demand that their partners always pay full attention to them. She will demand your total support in whatever she does. Asian women want their partner to reassure them and shower them with compliments as often as possible. No flirtation with other ladies. This goes without saying that an Asian woman would want all your attention to be on her. Do not even try to divert your attention to something else when you are with her. Even playful comments and joking with other women might be a problem when you are with an Asian.

Family issues

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The most important thing that I think should be kept in mind while dating most Asian girls is that she can never do anything until or unless her family approves of it. Or she can do those things secretly without letting her family notice it. Meet her family. Asian women place a lot of value on their family members. If an Asian woman wants to make any important decision, she will need to consult her parents, especially her mum. So, it will do you a lot of good to get on good terms with her parents. They will potentially play an important role in her decision to marry you.

Love and Affection

One of the good things about dating an Asian girl is the infinite amount of love, happiness, and affection she’ll shower on you. Asian girls have a habit of caring too much and loving too much and while you’re dating one and if she really loves you, she’ll be a part of you everything you do will affect her in mysterious ways. This might be good and bad depending on the situation but no matter what she’ll be always with you on every step and move you take. Shower her with gifts. You can shower your Asian girl with all the compliments in the world, but nothing will replace a well thought out gift. Asian women love surprises from their partners.

Mood Swings

I mean come on, you knew that this was going to be on the list. While dating an Asian girl or any girl for that matter you must keep in mind that there will be a phase for her in which she’ll be a different kind of girl. At a certain point/time of the month, your girl will not be the girl you’re usually dating. Her moods will change constantly. There will be a time that she’ll be angry and Don’t want to see your face, a time where she’ll be so sad that she’ll want you by her side at all times, a time where she’ll be so confused that she will not understand the convo you guys are having and everything you’ll do or say will provoke her in so many different ways than you can’t even imagine. This will be a real test(s) of your relationship.


While dating an Asian girl the best thing about her is that she’ll be willing to sacrifice everything for you. Nothing will be more important to her than your happiness. She’ll be ready to give up her friends and family for you and sometimes even her self-respect which is a bad thing for a human. No matter how much pain or heartbreaks you give her she’ll be with you till the end until or unless you give a strong enough reason to leave her. A successful relationship is not easy. It is built on strong qualities, sacrifice, endeavor, loyalty, and integrity.

Trust/Anger Issues

So, the main thing that destroys a relationship is trust issues and while dating an Asian girl you’ll see that in abundance, you’ll see it in every corner of your life, and it will haunt you if you’re dating her. Trust is the most important factor in a relationship with an Asian girl, for the simple reason that without trust, the relationship means nothing. A person could tell you that she loves you, wants to be with you, would give up everything for you, but if you don’t trust her, you get no benefit from those statements. Asian girls believe trust is like a china plate. If you break it once, with some care and attention you can put it back again. But if you break it more times, eventually it devastates to the point where it’s impossible to restore.


By ‘boundaries’ I mean the delineation between 2 people’s responsibilities for his or her own issues. Asian women in an exceedingly healthy relationship with robust boundaries can take responsibility for his or her own values and issues and not take responsibility for his or her partner’s values and issues. Asian women in an exceedingly poisonous relationship with poor or no boundaries can often avoid responsibility for his or her partner’s issues. Like, you Can’t go out with your friends without me. You know how jealous I get. As mentioned earlier kind of possessiveness, you must stay home with me. Asian women with robust boundaries aren’t fearful of a temper bad temper, Associate in a Nursing argument, or obtaining hurt. women with weak boundaries area unit fearful of those things and can perpetually mildew their own behavior to suit the highs and lows of their relative emotional roller coaster.


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All of this over possessiveness and trust issues can lead to a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship can mean a lot of things, but the basic meaning of a toxic relationship is the same; a relationship that destroys your mental peace. So yeah, trust issues can break a relationship because toxic relationships will cause monumental breakage to people, families, and workplaces, but they aren’t necessarily the territory of the weak, downtrodden or insecure. Strong, healthy, independent people can find themselves in the white-knuckled grip of a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship contaminates your self-esteem, your happiness, and the way you see yourself and the world. A toxic person will float through life with a trail of broken hearts, broken relationships, and broken people behind them, but toxic relationships don’t necessarily end up that way because the person you fell for turned out to be a toxic one. Relationships can start healthy, but bad feelings, bad history, or long-term unmet needs can fester, polluting the relationship, and changing the people in it. It can happen easily and quickly, and it can happen to the strongest people in Asia.

Religious/culture Diversity

Human beings are experiencing religious diversity in their everyday lives. Diversity means the state or quality of being different or varied diversity includes the multiplicity of religious beliefs system institutions doctrines creed’s sets that are followed by individuals in their practice of religion. Diversity in the West assumes somewhat different logics and shapes than in the East. The comparison between different forms of religious diversities, therefore, supposes to consider the role of religious systems themselves and the political context in which they are embedded. Religious culture also plays a key role here therefore; the trend of dating varies from region to region. Issues in diversity have become crucial all around the planet for social reasons. In a world whose cultural and religious plurality is expanding it nevertheless expands in a variety of forms and for somewhat different reasons.

South Asian girls believe that there is so much beauty in distinction and different culture out there that I think it would be to everyone’s advantage to learn more about all the different places we come from. It’s so cool to be different to have something to offer that someone else may not. And to exchange ideas, rather than just try to be the same idea. I think that concept is just, it frees you so much. So much freedom in that. South Asian girls always want to go out with friends and dating, relationship concept is so common in this region. So if you found a SOUTH ASIAN girl for a date that would be easy to date for you.

But this is contradicted, or we say totally, outlaw. If you are looking for an East Asian girl. if we are talking about religious diversity concerning their religion Dating is prohibited. There is no concept of courtship in Islam (East Asia) as it is practiced in the West. There is no dating or living in the de facto relationship or trying each other out before committing to each other. There is to be no physical relationship whatsoever before marriage. If it is so important then, you can meet her family for further proceedings.

North Asian girls believe that everyone has the same space within them, and they just call it different things and they associate it with different things, and they visualize something different when they feel it. When someone talks about God, we can join that conversation because of what he/she calls God. You just call something else but you both have something in common and all humans have that in common no matter who you pray to or visualize when you feel that space. Then you light up we all have the same space within us and that just not only a breakthrough in a relationship.


By following the tips mentioned in the article above, you will be ready to approach and date an Asian girl. Keep in mind that every person is different, hence, some women might have different customs and traditions, or she belongs to different culture than other ones. That is why it is important that you get to know her first before you decide on making some serious moves. So, now that you have learned everything you need to know there is about dating an Asian woman, do not waste any more time, approach her, and invite her for a nice cup of coffee or tea!

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