Practical Dating Advice and Tips for Men

9 Practical Dating Advices and Tips for Men

You have been always worried about your dating life as dating is the most crucial part of our life. To keep yourself more attractive and Confident, you must work on some of your personality traits that will change your dating experience into a mind-blowing success. We have gathered some of the most important and worth reading points, that are necessary to keep your partner feel comfortable and attracted toward you. So, here are some practical dating advice and tips for Men.

1.Keep Eye Contact

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Eye Contact is very important to look Confident. It gives a good impression on someone whom you want to impress. Firm eye contact during dating makes your partner approaching and comfortable. It provides you with a path toward a more close and intimate relationship. Locking eye while having an intimate discussion make you more attractive. It gives a woman sense of freedom so that she can talk openly about her personality and sexuality. Eyes have a very powerful effect on your personality. It shows how much confident and fearless you are to keep a good relationship.

2.Listen more than the Talking

Always listen to your Partner. While Dating keep her aware that you are more interested in her than yourself. You will have your chance, but first, you must gain her trust. Listen to her stories and Don’t be judgmental, try to be helpful and kind to her, show her your sympathy in her problems. Always remember that women are more talkative than men. But also remember that you must keep the interest, don’t lose her attention, keep the conversation alive and interesting by initiating some of the important topics of her concern. Listening more to your partner keeps you well informed about your partner, as well keeps you away from doing blunders such as getting over-obsessed over her or over-sharing your details that you may regret afterwards.

3.Don’t use the excessive phone while dating

Using excessive Phone shows that you are not interested in your partner rather than you give more importance to your work or your phone. Use this quality time to avail the opportunity of getting together and having fun. Enjoy your time with your partner, keep her close by showing affection to her. Try to get closer rather than wasting your time on the phone. Keep all your worries away by shutting down your phone.

4.Body Language is Nonverbal way of Communicating

Body language is a nice way to interact with your dating partner. Your gestures must combine your words. Keep your body posture such that you seem confident and engaged in your dating partner. Work on your Body language by doing some scientific techniques such as Mirroring, Fronting, Leaning etc. Make yourself irresistible when you make a move. Use full of your abilities. Work on your walk so that you’re unnoticeable while you enter the sight of your dating partner. Also, remember that body language is the two-way interaction. While focusing on your body language follow her gestures too, if she seems nervous or not involved in your conversation, you may change the topic to gain her interest.

5.Dress Properly

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Most men don’t care much about their dressing sense, but the fact is that women do consider your appearance. You don’t need to wear over expensive or wealthy stuff but make yourself good looking and attractive by wearing some fashioned cloths. At least good enough that it doesn’t seem weird or unethical or uncomfortable. Wear clothes that are in today’s fashion, not outdated or old fashioned.

6.Get help from your friends

Get suggestions from your female friends as they can give you some valuable tips regarding the liking and disliking of women. Although there is a difference of opinion in every person, you will somehow get an idea about ladies. These tips will help you to get an overall understanding, what to do and what to avoid during dating. Discuss your good and bad experiences with your female friends, you will come to know about your strong attributes and weak characteristics, then you can use them in the right way. You can also have some tips from your male friends, who know you better and are expert in getting girls around them. They can give you some serious and helpful advice that could change your dating life.

7.Don’t Talk about your ‘ex’

Your ‘ex’ is your past, and in most cases, an unpleasant past so doesn’t go into that area on your first interaction. She may feel that you are not interested in her, so avoid initiating such topics that may result in an unpleasant and sad conclusion. If she asks something regarding your ex, try to give a short answer, don’t start to describe your previous dating life. Keep her more important than any other girl that you have dated before. Spend your time together discussing your love life and good experiences. You may get a chance afterwards to explain your harsh experiences with your ex when you had built the trust.

8.Don’t make fast moves

Unlike men, women have trust issues, especially while dating online. So, take your time and keep the pace slow until you gain her trust. Women feel it risky to use online dating services due to reasons that could harm their self-respect. Try to know her online before meeting her because it will build your confidence as well as trust in your dating partner.

9.Always use compliments

Happy girl after compliment
Happy girl after compliment

Complements are necessary to keep her aware that you adore her beauty. Complement her about her eyes, look, appearance and especially clothes. Women like complement so use this card as much as you can. Don’t just compliment her but also mean it. Use poetic and romantic ways rather than just boring words to admire her. Look for the best in her and you will find a way to compliment her.

I hope these Practical dating tips will help you out in your Dating life. Just remain confident and keep trying it. Chill out and enjoy as one day you will find a perfect date for you. You can find some hot Asian girls on

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