Bumble Vs Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder – Which one will be the best in 2020?

Bumble is a location-based social application that enables message among involved operators. In straight matches, only female operators can make the first contact with corresponding male users, while in same-sex matches also person can direct a message first.


Tinder is an online dating app that permits the users to anonymously it has an option of swiping up to like or dislike some profiles basically depends on their pictures, also consist of a bio, and common interests. After the two users have “matched,” they can start with the conversation.


You might wonder that which dating app is good!


Bumble or Tinder?

If you are Just interested to know about Bumble V/S tinder and what makes them different from each other? Here’s an answer to your question that will help you to make the best solution between Tinder and Bumble. We will also provide you our conclusions for which dating app  Bumble vs. Tinder  is best for men and which is best for women.


Differences Between Bumble vs. Tinder

Bumble Vs Tinder

However, we can see that both the apps are for dating purpose but there are some major differences between both of them:

  • There are 2x as many men as women on Tinder. Bumble has half men and half women.
  • Bumble app is specifically for the dating purpose only for relationships. But Tinder continues to have image or we can say reputation as a hookup app but though it is used as for relationship purpose only.
  • Both apps have a different policy on Tinder, a man or woman whomsoever likes to message they can message first. On Bumble, they have made a hard and fast rule that only women can message first.
  • Bumble’s users have a bunch of people who belongs to an educated platform and who are career-oriented. Tinder has an extensive variety of people which includes service-industry workers.
  • Bumble has a very extravagant app where you can swipe unlimited times it has huge amount of people (assuming you have enough people in your area not to run out). But when we talk about it has provided limited swipinguntil you buy one of their paid upgrades, it also give two options Tinder Plusor Tinder Gold.
  • They both provides the platform through which two unknown people can try to know each other. But bumble doesn’t have a feature of Tinder boost and Tinder passport.


Among the both which one is Best for Women?

Though women are frightened to talk to a random guy so there are less women’s than guys so it’s easy to find women’s over there.

As we know that women’s think thousand times to message a guy for the very first time so men’s takes the pleasure on tinder as we have noticed from a research.

Therefore, there are increasing percentage of men on Tinder searching for good looking women’s and start messaging,

So, if you’re a girl you can try both the apps as each one of them has a special features and god on their place. Tinder and Bumble they both are good for women.

You can be on both!


Among the both which Is Best for Men?

Though there is an option that women can only message first so men are lesser as comparison to the women.

But as we have mentioned in the para 2 that Bumble has a policy in which only women can message first so men has to spend some less efforts writing the message.


So, this will show that if a woman is interested in you. But if you are interested in someone whose profile is attracting you so much so you can search for her on Tinder and start the conversation.


Tinder vs Bumble

It’s not possible to know that among the both which dating app success rate is high because every individual has different mentality to choose over things like dating app.

Some people judge them on the basis of their relationship status if an individual’s relationship survive for a long time, they will rate the particular app high but if they are not able to handle their relationship, they just rate it bad.


There are some people who define the success of an app by the means of one-night stand and also if their conversation stops, they rate accordingly. The basic thing is success is variable it can’t be fixed because some have good relationship and some don’t have a good relationship

So, let just start with the pros and cons of Bumble dating app


Pro: Bumble offers more than romantic dates

Bumble is not just a place where people make relationship with each other’s but it has specialized its features it provides a platform which gives an opportunity to an individual to interact with each other and come close.

Bumble offers many other platforms like Bumble Bizz, where  get in touch with one another and Bumble BFF, basically this feature was developed so that individuals can build friendship. And if an individual already using the dating app they can start with Bizz and BFF to start with a friendship.


Con: Lacks gender variety

When bumble was designed it was having only one feature where people of different sex can interact and stat talking but they have added the feature of same gender sex where they can talk the same whey the different sex talks.

without any restrictions. In this reverence, Bumble works the exact same way as Tinder. Only users who identify as male or female can use the app, this puts.




Pro: Everyone’s on it

Tinder was the first most app who has given the platform to the individuals to interact with each other it is known as the mother of all the apps. Tinder has its own viability among the youngsters.

The app doesn’t feel any shy or shame talking about one night stand it gives a proper platform to the individuals to talk, interact, meet and do whatever they want to do.

Whether it means a casual eye blink, one-night stand or even marriage it totally depends on the people how they handle their relationship


Con: Actual dates are a rarity

If you ever thought about how much your inbox is filled with the messages then go through it now. Because there are some individuals who have fake identity and talk to people just for the sake of their fun. It has been observed that college students use it more comparing to teenagers.



Which one should you choose?

While talking on the app it is good but you don’t know are, they serious for this relationship. Some people just talk politely and make you feel like they are very loyal and they won’t hurt you. But you don’t know their intention from this chat. It’s very important that especially women should take safety measures while talking to someone stranger.



Is Mostly for Hookups

There no secret that tinder has become famous for hookup. There are some guys who just message for flirting they type whatever they want to say. Some people only have the intention to take you to the bed directly. So it is very important for especially women’s to first know each and everything about the guy you are talking. Is his intension for you is good or bad?




Is for People Looking to Find Love


There are times when this kind of fraud thing happens but sometimes some people just come there to find their ideal match or true love. Some of them just want to talk chill out with you. Not everyone is same.


Final Words

I strongly believe that we should choose Tinder app rather than bumble

  • Girls feel shy to message first so it will be better for a boy to message first
  • There won’t be any hard or fast rue to date someone you can just talk chill out and go away.
  • It provides an option to hide your age. And you have full control over your profile.
  • There is no rule that the users may log in daily.

To log in for it you have to register on the website of Tinder.

Date with the Bumble dating app if:

  • You can start a conversation with any person whom so ever you like
  • Find a serious relationship
  • If not interested in relationships you can just be friends
  • Before starting a relationship, they must make sure that the profiles are real.
  • You’re committed to connecting and don’t want to waste time.

To sign up for Bumble, log on to the site and download the dating app from Apple Store or Google Play.

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