OkCupid vs Tinder

OkCupid vs. Tinder – Which one to go with in 2020?

OkCupid – OkCupid is an online dating app which is an U.S.-based, company which is also common for, friendship. It features multiple-choice questions to match members. It is supported by advertising and by selling user data.


Tinder- Tinder is an online dating app that permits the users to anonymously it has an option of swiping up to like or dislike some profiles basically depends on their pictures, also consist of a bio, and common interests. After the two users have “matched,” they can start with the conversation.


You might Wonder that which dating app is good!


OkCupid or Tinder?

If you are Just interested to know about OkCupid V/S tinder and what makes them different from each other?

Here’s an answer to your question that will help you to make the best solution between Tinder and Okcupid. We will also provide you our conclusions for which dating app OkCupid vs. Tinder  is best for men and which is best for women.


Differences Between OkCupid vs. Tinder

However, we can see that both the apps are for dating purpose but there are some major differences between both of them:

  • Tinder guys just match with your profiles but they don’t message you.

But guys who are on OkCupid they message you multiple of times even when you don’t even reply.


  •   Guys who are on tinder they post lots of shirtless selfies

But the guys who are on OkCupid they post pictures       in shirts which is in taken through webcam.


  •  Guys on Tinder like motorbiking a fishing

And guys on OkCupid like watching tv series on Netflix, Prime.


  • Guys on Tinder dating app are those kinds of people who just want you to take to their bedroom.

And this guy they are some shy types of boys who will give you an awkward hug.


  • This are some kind of boys which are great musicians, dancer and are interested in doing outdoor activities.

This guy are those boys who are software engineers who are pursuing some with the good degree.


  • These guys will ask you for clubbing, parties, and for a drink in the night.

These guys will plan a simple coffee date in the afternoon time.


  • This guy won’t look for some serious relationship

And these guys will be looking for a serious relationship.


The Digital Matchmakers

We are aware of the fact that there are many websites that are for the purpose of dating and if you will sign up in any website you can’t get what you want as there are websites who just make fake profiles.

If you are trying on a website that is very familiar so there will be a great scope of people so you can be swiped away because of the competition.

Hereafter your fantasies could be just swipe away from you with the help of online dating apps.

Website like Tinder and OkCupid has a great record of success in love stories and it can make you find the love of your life.


But both are very different from each other because tinder make you find your match by the means of your interest but OkCupid helps you find the match through your interest.



OkCupid’s Classic Matchmaker’s Rating

Okcupid Vs Tinder

The dating app helps to make a match on the basis of your interest. You just have to type the sweetest things about you it can be true sometimes so tat you can find the true match.


After downloading the app, you can sign up and give the details like your interest and hobbies. These details will only help you to find your match they are the main elements. And also, you can also send an introductory line to your interest but the conversation will start after you get a like back.


To get a quick response you can create a good profile with a great profile you can find someone who can be of common interest.


Tinder’s Matchmaker’s Rating

Tinder Vs Ockcupid

When we talk about Tinder its everything about attraction. You just have to download it create your account on it and make it eye catchy with a good profile pictures, interesting hobbies and everything that make you a different person present over there.


But it totally depends on you how you talk to other person that he is interested in you to go ahead for the further conversation. Trust me you have to be loyal, flirtiest and sometimes funny to attract someone.


Subscription prices

As we are aware of the fact that both the dating apps for making relationship and anyone can install it and start to use it but they also have some special feature in which you can take subscription and can pay some amount so that they can provide you with some best places for dates so that you can sit and talk understand each other as well.

Have a look toward their prices for particular things that will help to attract your matchmaker:

1. OkCupid Pricing

OkCupid’s dating app makes you to increase the viewer to so that you can get many likes, subscribe and get a good contact lits.

You can get yourself a paid subscription here as well for getting just a few extra features than usual. Let’s check out their paid options as well to decide whether you’ll like to have one

  • A List: This feature is very common in which they will provide you with unlimited likes, subscribes, and many options so that you can search and find out the best person. Besides, you can also like people before they like your profile. Here’s a price for that subscription amount. You can get this subscription for a month at $9.95 or $6.95/month for half a year.


  • Premium A-List: This subscription consists of many more things in which they show your profile in the peak times they will help to boost up your profile. So, if someone wants quick advantage from this, they can take this subscription. To get premium membership you’ll have to pay just $24.9/month for one-time membership. Moreover, you can choose to pay $19.9 each month for six months membership as well.



2. Tinder Pricing

As we have read in above statements Tinder is a place which is always crowded with people who are searching for the matches with whom they can create a bond. But if someone need a quick access from it they can try some additional premium features for which they have pay some particular amount.

Therefore, subscribing can help you in getting an upper hand in terms of relationship so you have chosen some of the certain plans.

  • Tinder Plus: This feature helps you in the visibility of your website to tinder plus it will give you an upper hand. This premium feature price consists of at just $10 per month, you’ll get unlimited swipes and even can super like at least 8 people each day.
  • Tinder Gold: For people who wants to feel safe on this platform they take this feature it includes all the offer which Tinder Plus already have it also add some more feature like you can get information of an person and also about the person who has swiped right for you. Tinder offers tinder gold. At just $12 per month.


Final Words

I strongly believe that we should choose Tinder app rather than OkCupid

  • Girls feel shy to message first so it will be better for a boy to message first
  • There won’t be any hard or fast rue to date someone you can just talk chill out and go away.
  • It provides an option to hide your age. And you have full control over your profile.
  • There is no rule that the users may log in daily.

To log in for it you have to register on the website of Tinder.

Date with the OkCupid dating app if:

  • You can start a conversation with any person whom so ever you like
  • Find a serious relationship
  • If not interested in relationships you can just be friends
  • Before starting a relationship, they must make sure that the profiles are real.
  • You’re committed to connecting and don’t want to waste time.

To sign up for OkCupid, log on to the site and download the dating app from Apple Store or Google Play.

Here’s a conclusion to OkCupid V/S Tinder. This apps helps in getting your perfect match your ideal match.


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