Tinder vs Reality

Tinder vs. Reality – What You Need to Know?

Are you worried because, you are not well attentive about the new dating apps and is one of the complete new comers to the digital dating world and believe still have a strong belief in traditional dating.

Don’t worry we are here with a complete list of pro’s and con’s of dating on Tinder vs. Reality.

There is numerous number of dating apps waiting for you to join and avail the services provided by them, either without paying any charges or with paying. Whenever you pay for any services, it becomes necessary that you gain maximum satisfaction out of it.

So ultimately choosing the right app for you can prove to be a tricky task, however you can easily shortlist the apps by noting down the facilities and benefits provided by them and then choose accordingly.

Whereas on the other hand, dating in real-life is completely different as you need not prepare any accounts or pay for talking to each other and buy any regular subscriptions. In reality you are not bound by the limitations of an app.


We all are well aware of that every coin has its two sides and similarly these dating platforms, whether it is on an online platform or in real-life.

Tinder vs Reality

Here is a brief description of both the dating platforms for you:

Tinder is known as one of the majorly used dating apps in this era. It is very popular and preferred because of the convenience provided by its swipe element.

The process is also very simple and can be followed by any age group and category. It allows you to connect with only those people who have the same interest as you and provides a chance to meet the people who have mutually liked each other, using this app.

The rule is to swipe left is you pass the profile of any person, which is rejecting the person if you do not like them and swipe right if you are interested in them and would like to talk to them. So go ahead and keep swiping until you come across that special one.

People who join these dating apps does not poses same relevance and mindsets, there will be people who intend to search true love, some may just want to get along and know you better and some may even want a long-term relation, depending on their nature and desires.

Tinder has proved to be a very useful platform for those introverts who feel shy having a face to face communication and share their feelings to others.

Whatever your weakness is, there will also be one person who will complete you and help you face all your fears bravely, it is just a matter of time to find them and Tinder allows you to do so.

It not only allows you to communicate with people near you but also gives you access to interact with people beyond your area. There are millions of members to look into.

Tinder is a bias free platform which welcomes LGBTQ+ members to enable themselves to take advantage of the similar services.

It has a feature of connecting to other apps such as Spotify, Snapchat and many more.

If we talked about the other side of the coin then, Tinder has a very poor defense policy. There is a lack of security when it comes to the realism of any profile, which ultimately welcomes certain scams and frauds with honest and innocent people.

Very few information is provided on the profile, which makes it difficult to analysis and also the major decisions are to be made on the basis of the pictures uploaded by the users which makes it a bit shallow.


  • Dating in Reality

Going on a real date? Meeting the person for the first time?

Your heart starts beating fast, you are eager to see their face; rehearsing again and again in front of the mirror about what will you talk to them. Smiling like an idiot and assuming the scenario and is completely lost in your own world of fantasies.

And the moment you see that person in front of you they will make you forget everything. You will become nervous and there will be butterflies quivering in your stomach.

No other thing in this world would be able to compete with this feeling. No other online dating app will bring this much joy, eagerness and excitement in you, which you will feel when you go out on an real date, talk to them face-to-face, walk around while the sun sets and wait until the next time you will get to see them.

You forget about the time when you are around them and gradually you get so comfortable that you can share all your feelings effortlessly with each other.

Everything seems to look attractive and stunning when you are drenched in your beholder’s eyes.

People inclined towards the prominent use of apps such as Tinder and other online dating apps, do not believe in love at first sight, they simply scroll down the feed and choose their soul mates based on their looks, income and other features.

On the other hand dating in reality is like do not have time to scroll down their profile or look into the specifications and inquire about their incomes and other stuff.

The essence of true love has lost somewhere between this fast-phased world and the tech-savvy youths, you simply believe that there are lots of options out of them and choose those people who match to their preferences and compatibility using filters provided on dating apps.

Technology also played its role and continues to add more features, create attractive applications for the tech-savvy youth.


For a better understanding and a boarder view, let’s us go through the basic benefits as well as disadvantages of Dating on Tinder vs. Reality.


Here’s a list of all pros and cons of each category:

  1. Dating on Tinder


  • Dating on tinder can be considered as very handy:

Tinder promotes free joining on the app and allows you to access all the services. It has a special swipe feature which provides ease in the whole selection process.

  • Prevents you from meeting strangers:

The most feasible advantage provided on Tinder is that it prevents you from meeting any anonymous person or strangers. Dating on Tinder app will give you a strong hand on not meeting the person face-to-face until and unless you are familiar with them and feel secured while meeting them in person.

There is a block option available on the app. You can use this option if you feel the person is not compatible for you and they do not match with your expectations.

  • Provides reach outside your location:

The Tinder helps you in finding people not only within your locality or region, but also outside your area. This way it allows you to meet more and more people who may share similar interests as you.



  • Virtual Dating Can sometimes harm you:

People on online dating apps tend to lie about themselves on their profiles just to attract more and more people.

They use fake photographs and put-up catchy and attractive Bio’s bragging about them and exploits many people around them. The chances of fraud increases as you are not able to meet them in person and start feeling connected and fell in love with their sugar-coated conversations.


  1. Real-Life Dating


  • You are familiar with the true identity of the person:

Nobody can try to fool someone or lie regarding their profession and interests as it is extremely difficult to hide your original identity when you regularly meet someone in person.

If you brag about your qualifications and make-up certain specifications regarding your career then there are very much possible chances that you may be caught.



  • It’s Tough For Shy People

It seems on online dating platforms the ball is pretty much in the court of introverts. Dating in reality could be easy for extroverts; who have the courage to face other people face to face and do not feel shy.


Final Views on Tinder vs. Reality

Tinder has successfully being able to reach to its customers in nearly 190 countries available in 34 different languages, welcoming all sorts of age groups irrespective of their likings.

Although Tinder is be rated to be the most satisfactorily emerging and preferred dating app so far and also poses millions of users who have happily found true friendship and ever-lasting love.

Dating in Real-life has its own satisfaction and trust. The relations in real-life are built-up on utmost faith and honesty and are considered to by the purest form of love which does not contain any filter.

But at the end, the point of view remains open-ended according to the preferences and choice of the individual.

Whether they choose to be with a single person in their entire life and spend the rest of the years by knowing them, or they want to go for all the options and choose the most compatible for themselves.


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1 thought on “Tinder vs. Reality – What You Need to Know?”

  1. Having used Tinder and a few other apps, I find it easier to speak with guys but at the same time, I don’t feel like I get to know them enough. It is easier to judge a person’s character in person and if you are dating through apps or online, it can take weeks or months before you find out. I prefer dating outside of apps. Sure, it is harder to meet people but you are able to really get to know someone from the start.

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